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Using The Local Home Center To Shop For Your Fixtures

When you go to the local home center you can see dozens of different faucets and fixtures you would like to have for your home. One of the latest trends in home maintenance and remodeling is purchasing products from your local home center and having a licensed plumber install them for you. Where this could save you some money, let's look at some of the disadvantages.

  • Damaged Materials - Occasionally, not always, you will purchase and item that has been damaged. Through no fault of the retailer, this product sits on the shelf with no one knowing that it is defective until you buy it and take it home. When your plumber comes to install the product only then is it discovered that the product is damaged. At this point you will have to return the product for an exchange and re-schedule your service call with your plumber. There's a lot of extra trips for everyone involved and in the end you haven't saved a dime.
  • Missing Items - Same as the scenario above, only this time the package was opened and is missing parts. Often defective returned products or products missing parts are returned to the shelves mistakingly and are doomed to repeat the cycle once you buy them (again...).
  • Who Warranty's What? - If your plumber installs a faucet you bought from the home center and it fails 3 months from now, who is responsible for the warranty? If in fact the product is defective, either the manufacturer or the home center will have to replace the defective part. Your plumber is going to charge you to uninstall the defective faucet and reinstall the new one. If the problem is with the installation, then of course the plumber will charge you nothing.

The advantages in our opinion far outweigh the disadvantages. If you simply "shop" for your fixtures at the home center you can get model numbers and/or brochures to show your plumber what you want. We can quote you a price to install those fixtures that we will provide for you. Here are a few of the advantages:

  • One Person To Deal With - Your Plumber.
  • One Warranty - By purchasing your fixtures from us we assume the liability of the installation as well as the warranty of the product you purchased. We deal with our vendors to replace and damaged or defective material so you don't have to.
  • One Call - From beginning to end it only takes one phone call to have it installed or serviced. One phone number is all you need.

Of course in the end it may cost a little more to have us provide and install what you are looking for. You be the judge. We can give you as price to install the fixtures you have purchased as well as us providing the same, if not better, fixtures. The extra cost ensures you don't have to deal with returning something defective, figuring out who to call, and having to determine who is going to warranty your purchase. We fully warranty everything we sell with a complete 2 year parts and labor warranty. More details of our warranty can be found here.

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